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Groningen Seaports is the port authority for the port of Delfzijl, Eemshaven and the adjoining industrial sites. The organisation provides the complete package of port services to its industrial and commercial clients, from logistics and infrastructure services to the issue and maintenance of the sites in both port regions. As well as the two excellently equipped ports, Groningen Seaports manages the industrial sites around the ports and at other areas in the Delfzijl/Eemshaven region. Various clustered business sites are located on the sites, including a chlorine-related chemicals cluster with Nouryon and its alliance partners as important players. Also, a large part of Eemshaven has been earmarked for the development of energy-related industry with large energy producers such as ENGIE, NorNed, Vattenfall, TenneT, and RWE/Essent. And that attracts energy consumers as well: Google builds the largest data center of Europe in Eemshaven.


As a government PLC, Groningen Seaports can distance itself more easily from governments, so that the organisation can operate more commercially and effectively and can cooperate with others. The new government NV comprises a general shareholders meeting, a board of commissioners and a director/CEO.

Per 1 September 2017 Cas König holds this position. The CEO is accountable to the board of commissioners, that consists of 5 members. The “Gemeenschappelijke Regeling Havenschap” (common ports alliance) for Groningen Seaports is the sole shareholder and comprises representatives of councils, executives and boards of the province of Groningen, and the municipalities of Delfzijl and Eemsmond.