Eemshaven: one of the leading ports in offshore wind industry!

Offshore Wind Logistics

Around a third of all the energy that is produced in the Netherlands comes from Eemshaven. With an installed capacity of 8,000 MW Eemshaven is an energy port of note.

Major energy producers have invested billions of Euros in new power stations; an oil terminal was built; Google is expanding its immense data centre; and Eemshaven houses the largest onshore wind park in the Netherlands. The port also plays a prominent role in the development of wind parks at sea during their construction and the subsequent maintenance of the wind turbines.

Eemshaven lives and breathes offshore wind. The port has become a base, marshalling and service port for offshore windfarms especially in the German neighbouring part of the North Sea. Eemshaven is geographically well-situated for the offshore wind activities in the North Sea. Moreover, Eemshaven meets all maritime requirements and has the facilities regarding the assembly and shipping of wind turbines.

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Facts & Figures

  • Near quay jacking
  • Heavy load quays (30 tons/m2 and 20 tons/m2)
  • Presence of a heliport
  • Impressive track record (lots of experience)
  • Close to the wind farms (under construction, planned or completed)

Impressive track record

Eemshaven as a base or service port

Since 2009 Eemshaven plays an important role regarding assembly and shipping activities of wind turbines, which results in an impressive track record of wind farms launched from Eemshaven: successively Alpha Ventus, Bard Offshore I, Borkum Riffgat, Borkum Riffgrund I, Trianel Windpark Borkum I, Global Tech I, Gemini, Gode Wind I & II, Veja Mate, Race Bank (UK), Nordsee One, Merkur Offshore, Borkum Riffgrund II, Hohe See, Albatros, Trianel Windpark Borkum II, Hornsea Two, Kaskasi and Hollandse Kust Noord.

Construction of the Hornsea Two (UK) wind farm has completed from Eemshaven. This is the world’s largest wind farm consisting of 165 turbines. The entire under-water part (165 monopiles and 165 transition pieces) was supplied from Eemshaven. Recently installation work for wind farm Hollandse Kust Noord has completed as well. At this moment Eemshaven accommodates three offshore wind projects simultaneously: wind farms Gode Wind III and Borkum Riffgrund III (both BOW-Q3/Jan de Nul) and He Dreiht (Buss Terminal Eemshaven/EnBW). In the near future many offshore wind projects (e.g. NortH2) in which Eemshaven could fit as base or service port are planned.

Stevedoring companies




  • 2-B Energy
  • Alert
  • BOW/Q3 Group
  • Broekman Logistics
  • CIV Offshore
  • Clarksons (DHSS)
  • Collé Rentals
  • Customs
  • Datema Nautical Safety
  • Eekels
  • Enercon
  • Eqin
  • Equans
  • Fugro
  • Geoplus
  • Hef en Hijs Nederland
  • HICE
  • Hydraukom
  • Kleinveld
  • Kloska
  • Lubbers Logistics Group
  • Maintec
  • Marine Coordination Services
  • Marine Offshore Solutions
  • Military Police
  • Niestern Sander
  • OWF (Boskalis | Volker Wessels)
  • Peterson
  • Quite Right
  • Reym
  • Seaway7
  • Siemens Gamesa
  • Siri Marine
  • SMST
  • TenneT GmbH
  • TenneT Nederland
  • TKF (Twentsche Kabelfabriek)
  • Total Offshore
  • Total Ship Supply
  • Total Wind
  • Unishore
  • Van Oord
  • Vestas
  • WIND Cable Logistics
  • Windea

Service port Eemshaven

Operations and maintenance activities

The profile of Eemshaven answers to be a service port for activities regarding the operations and maintenance (O&M) of offshore wind turbines. Both Emmahaven and Beatrixhaven are suitable to accommodate these kind of activities. There are sufficient berthing places for small and medium sized vessels and it is possible to embark passengers. With connections for power supply and fresh water, storage possibilities, office space, customs clearance, and the presence of several logistic providers Eemshaven meets all requirements to accommodate maintenance and service companies. Eemshaven already is the service base for the wind farms Gemini (150 turbines), Veja Mate (67 turbines), Merkur Offshore (66 turbines) and Deutsche Bucht (33 turbines).

Logistic providers

Specialized stevedoring companies have been established in Eemshaven like Buss Terminal Eemshaven, Sealane, Wagenborg and Wijnne Barends. They all offer quay facilities and handle logistic activities and have lots of experience in offshore wind business. Amasus Shipping and EMS Maritime Offshore also provide logistic services and offer for instance jetty capacity.

Heliport Eemshaven

Landing and take-off area for helicopters

In recent years, not only has Eemshaven grown into an important base port for offshore wind logistics, it has also increasingly developed into a service port for the maintenance of installed offshore wind turbines. Eemshaven is already the maintenance base for the Gemini, Veja Mate, Merkur Offshore and Deutsche Bucht wind farms (316 turbines in total) and in view of its location, the presence of the entire supply chain and the potential of many more planned wind turbines in the North Sea, Eemshaven is expected to further strengthen its strong position as a base and service port. The presence of a heliport makes Eemshaven an even more attractive option. The owners of the large modern wind farms use both ships and helicopters for the necessary service and maintenance work. The choice for ship or helicopter depends on weather conditions, distance, urgency, amount of material, etc. Heliport Eemshaven is primarily aimed at facilitating helicopter flights for the offshore wind industry, but can also be used for ambulance and trauma flights and, for example, for piloting ships. In the meantime two local companies in Eemshaven make full use of Heliport Eemshaven: offshore service company DHSS for Gemini and Vestas and heliport operator EMO for Siemens.

EMS Maritime Offshore

EMS Maritime Offshore, a wholly owned subsidiary of AG EMS, is the operator of Heliport Eemshaven. More information:

Facts & figures

  • Flights are only operated in daylight, it is for helicopters only.
  • The location will mainly be used by helicopters (usually 8-10 persons) flying to the offshore wind farms.
  • The heliport has an obstacle-free zone on two sides for the approach and departure routes, whereby the flight routes are as close as possible to the existing shipping lanes.

Decommissioned wind turbine blades

Eemshaven has become one of the leading offshore wind ports around the North Sea. Already 18 windfarms at the North Sea are being realized via port of Eemshaven as the logistic base hub during construction and the installation of the 19th wind farm (Hollandse Kust Noord), 20th (Gode Wind 3) and 21st (Borkum Riffgrund 3) is taking place right now. Besides that Eemshaven is service base (O&M) for 6 wind farms (474 turbines).  Furthermore, Eemshaven houses the largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands. The next years the number of wind farms at the North Sea will increase enormously.  In particular with the recently announced NortH2 project where Groningen Seaports together with Shell, Gasunie, Equinor and RWE aim to build an extra 10GW of installed offshore wind capacity.

Groningen Seaports sees great opportunities around decommissioning programs starting in the next few years. The decommissioning is in large part triggered by the repowering of current on- and offshore wind turbines. The experienced supply chain in Eemshaven will be a center point for the transportation of these new turbines and the old parts. We’re active in the automotive sector as well, which is a possible market opportunity for companies that can recycle the composites from the wind blades into fibers.

Facts and figures:


  • 18 projects
  • 1,223 turbines
  • 7.2 GW (of which 2.2 GW turbines and 5.0 GW foundations)

Maintenance (O&M)

  • 6 wind farms
  • 2.5 GW
  • 474 turbines

The value chain:

  • Siemens Gamesa
  • Vestas
  • Enercon
  • Innogy
  • Enerpy
  • Buss Terminal Eemshaven
  • Virol