19 March 2015

Work on the SME offshore site about to start

In April the preparatory work will start for making the SME offshore site at Emmahaven, one of the port basins of Eemshaven, ready for use. A […]
19 March 2015

Important milestone for offshore wind farm Gemini reached

There is still no visible evidence of the sea wind farm Gemini, but the construction of some of its parts is well under way. An important […]
2 July 2015

First monopile for the Gemini wind park successfully installed

Important milestone reached in the construction of one of the world’s largest wind parks The first monopile at the Gemini wind park has been successfully installed. […]
4 April 2016

Siemens Offshore Base in Eemshaven

Siemens Nederland N.V. signs contract with EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO) for construction and operation of an offshore base port in Eemshaven, NL With the beginning […]