Against a background of internationalisation and increased competition we achieve more when we focus actively on close cooperation. The logistical opportunities of European regions are increasingly determined by their position in the total transport chain.

The competitive position of a port used to be determined by its location and facilities, but now it is much more important to be part of an efficient transport chain.


We focus our activities on:

  • Intensifying the cooperation with Northern Dutch rail and inland shipping ports, seaports in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Zeeland.
  • Cooperation with the Northern German seaports; Niedersachsen Ports.
  • Close cooperation with the Northern port alliance (Den Helder, Harlingen, Lauwersoog, Eemshaven and Delfzijl) under the header Wadden Seaports with a simultaneous focus on the sustainable development of these ports.
  • Intensifying the cooperation with the economic regions in the Northern Netherlands and Northern Germany.
  • More cooperation with Hafen Emden, focused on sheds, dredging and traffic control for tide-bound vessels.
  • Cooperation with partners in the Eems-Dollard region, focused on a joint Dutch-German integrated economic development vision for the Eems area.


Groningen Seaports works together with many parties. Some partnerships:

New Energy Coalition
New Energy Business Platform
Chemport Europe
Missie H2
Niedersachsen Ports

It goes without saying that Groningen Seaports works together with many other parties, ranging from local to international cooperation in all manner of areas and with regards to a host of different topics. For example, Groningen Seaports has regular consultations with governments, businesses, consortia, development companies, educational institutes, residents, lobby groups, nature and environmental organisations and other groups.