Wilhelminahaven is 1,200 meters long with a width of 275-300 metres, a depth of 14.0 metres and a quay length of 1,250 metres. It is a dedicated basin in the logistics for power production (coal, biomass, gypsum, fly ash).

The southern quay is 450 metres and is used to unload coal carriers for the RWE power plant. The southern part of the basin also hosts a public loading and unloading facility for inland vessels with a design depth of 7 metres. The facility is also possible for seagoing vessels, but only under special conditions.

The northern quay of 525 metres is mainly used for project cargo (e.g. offshore wind) and the eastern quay to tranship gypsum and fly ash and biomass. Vattenfal operates a gas fired power plant at the northern part of the basin. At the west of Vattenfall, Van Merksteijn International has far advanced plans to invest in a major steel factory and behind the de north quay, between RWE and Vattenfall, BOW Terminal builds a new logistics hub, mainly to serve the offshore wind market.

Facts & figures

  • Length: 1,200 m
  • Width: 275-350 m
  • Draught max.: 14 m
  • Jacking permitted: Not allowed
  • Quay length (north): 525 m (pressure 4-6 ton/m2)
  • Quay length (south): 450 m (pressure 4-6 ton/m2)
  • Quay length (east): 275 m (pressure 4-6 ton/m2)
  • Quay width: 40 m
  • Quay height: 5.5 m