Groningen Seaports: leading the world as an Ecoport!

Groningen Seaports: leading the world as an Ecoport!

On Thursday 17 May 2018 Groningen Seaports was once again awarded the coveted EcoPorts certificate, making it the world’s first seaport to receive it for the sixth consecutive time! This demonstrates that Groningen Seaports continuously delivers environmental and sustainability achievements at its ports (Delfzijl and Eemshaven) and port-related industrial sites. Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary-General of the European Seaports Organisation (ESPO), presented the certificate to Cas König, CEO Groningen Seaports.

“I am delighted to congratulate Groningen Seaports for obtaining PERS for sixth time and to see that EcoPorts has played a role in the protection of the precious Wadden Sea environment. The PERS certification is a quality mark for their environmental management. It gives ports a pat on the back for being ready to address the environmental challenges, be transparent in communicating their environmental policy and build an even closer relationship with port cities’ communities. Consumers and shippers are paying more attention to greening the supply chain.” says ESPO’s Secretary-General, Isabelle Ryckbost.

Sustainability mark
EcoPorts is a global quality mark for sustainable seaports that make progress with their environmental performance every two years. The certificate lapses after two years.  Groningen Seaports was awarded the certificate because Lloyds Register (the auditing organisation on behalf of ESPO) has ascertained that the port authority is doing a great deal to develop and safeguard sustainability and environmental measures in its area. Examples of this include the construction of an industrial water pipeline, a steam pipeline, a hydrogen infrastructure, a solar park, wind turbines, but also the development of temporary nature reserves, nature monitoring and conducting research into the reuse of composites.

Trilateral port meeting
Groningen Seaports received the certificate during a trilateral port meeting in Harlingen. The ports of Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands met there to exchange experiences and projects. This meeting was also intended as inspiration for the Wadden Ministers of these three countries. Minister Carola Schouten was present on behalf of the Netherlands. After this meeting, CEO Cas König, representing the Wadden ports in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, also held discussions with these ministers about sustainability in the Wadden Sea ports. During the subsequent ministerial conference on Friday 18 May, the ministers made agreements about the joint ambitions for the Wadden Sea.

CEO Cas König of Groningen Seaports (r) just received the EcoPorts certificate again. It is for the sixth consecutive time, which makes Groningen Seaports the world’s leader as an Ecoport!