New fibre-optic connection improves Eemshaven’s position for data centres

New fibre-optic connection improves Eemshaven’s position for data centres

Eurofiber has completed its second fibre-optic connection between the city of Groningen and Eemshaven. The establishment of this connection has further improved the connectivity of Dataport Eemshaven and the area has become even more attractive to large data centres.

The new connection, with a length of 37 kilometres, was commissioned by Eurofiber Nederland, a supplier of high-quality digital infrastructure, and was recently completed. With the construction of a second route, Eurofiber customers will have access to two completely separate fibre-optic connections between Groningen and Eemshaven. Groningen, in turn, is connected to the Amsterdam internet junction via two routes: the Afsluitdijk and Lelystad. Customers are also enabled to access the shortest route to Hamburg.

Top location

Director of Infra Operator Arian de Korte: “Eemshaven is developing into a top location for large data centres. This is reflected for example in QTS, the globally operating data centre provider that announced last week that it would be establishing itself in Eemshaven and Groningen. Such parties demand a fibre-optic network that meets the highest standards in terms of bandwidth, uptime and latency, and the shortest routes. With a second, direct connection between Eemshaven and the city of Groningen we amply meet this requirement.”

Groningen Seaports is delighted with the improved connectivity. “Eurofiber is an important long-term partner of Dataport Eemshaven. This new infrastructure provides a good quality choice for our customers and will serve as a magnet to attract new companies,” says Strategy & Business Development manager Robert van Tuinen.
In the near future, Eurofiber will still be busy connecting its customers on the new route. The first customers will be connected to the new system at the end of June.

About Eurofiber

Eurofiber has been operating high-quality digital infrastructure since 2000. With our own open fibre-optic network and our data centres, we offer companies, governments and non-profit organisations future-proof data connections. At Eurofiber, customers have the freedom to choose the services, applications and providers they need themselves. That way they can fully exploit the innovation potential in digitisation. Eurofiber Nederland is part of the Eurofiber Group. Within our group we have a fibre-optic network of over 31,000 kilometres in the Netherlands and Belgium and four data centres. We also offer solutions for fully flexible interconnectivity between more than 50 data centres.

About Dataport Eemshaven

Dataport Eemshaven has all the facilities that data centres need for the reliability of data storage. Dataport Eemshaven is located in Groningen. The availability of energy in Eemshaven is unparalleled in Europe; the data centre business park has access to more than 8,000 MW from the surrounding area, spread over a broad energy mix. There is still space in Dataport Eemshaven and the region has excellent connections with internet hubs in Amsterdam, Hamburg and the Danish region. Google, the world’s largest search engine, is expanding its already large data centre in Eemshaven. That will make Google Eemshaven the largest data centre in Europe. The American QTS recently announced that it is also investing heavily in data centre facilities in Eemshaven.

The fibre-optic connections of Eurofiber and the improved position of Dataport Eemshaven