12 November 2014

AkzoNobel and partners to explore use of waste as chemicals feedstock

AkzoNobel is part of a major Dutch partnership working with Canada’s Enerkem to explore the use of waste streams as a feedstock for chemical production and […]
1 June 2015

Groningen Seaports and Niedersachsen Ports to cooperate on LNG infrastructure

On Friday the 29th of May Groningen Seaports and Niedersachsen Ports have signed a Letter of Intent on cross border cooperation to develop an LNG infrastructure […]
27 June 2016

Unique ballast water treatment system first used at Groningen Seaports

Groningen Seaports first in line for Damen InvaSave Ballast water treatment system will be displayed at ‘DelfSail’ sailing festival The first production version of Damen’s InvaSave […]
10 October 2017

DHSS and Bek & Verburg settle in at Port of Eemshaven

After opening a new Ships Agency office in March this year, DHSS presence in Port of Eemshaven is taking the next step by having a new […]
23 January 2018

Groningen Seaports cooperates with a Finnish company to survey 20 km of underwater structures

Groningen Seaports continues the cooperation with a Finnish high-technology company VRT Finland to ensure the full operational capacity and extended life-cycle of its ports, offshore wind […]
23 March 2018

Preparations for building heliport infrastructure have started

The preparations for building the infrastructure for the heliport in Eemshaven have started. The contract documents for building the basic infrastructure have now been put out […]
19 June 2018

Construction of heliport begins!

The construction of the heliport in Eemshaven is getting underway in mid-June. Innogy has already made a start with having the two wind turbines near the […]
6 September 2018

The Northern Netherlands aims to be Europe’s most sustainable industrial area by 2030

Call for 4-6 GW of wind farms north of the Wadden Sea The Northern Netherlands industrial cluster aims to be one of Europe’s most sustainable industrial […]
18 October 2018

Subsidy for substantial expansion of Contitank

New opportunities for the Groningen chemical cluster During the next few years, Contitank, a storage company for green raw materials, will be investing 17 million euros […]
28 February 2019

Northern Netherlands presents investment agenda for large-scale emission-free hydrogen

Companies and governments in the Northern Netherlands plan to invest 2.8 billion euros in emission-free hydrogen over the next 12 years. Today they are offering the […]
27 March 2019

Avantium locates demonstration plant for third technology program Mekong in Delfzijl

Avantium has decided to locate the new demonstration plant for its Mekong technology in Chemie Park Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The construction of the demonstration plant – […]
8 April 2019

Construction of innovative steel recycling plant PMC underway in Delfzijl

Purified Metal Company (PMC) recently started the construction of its circular steel plant in Delfzijl. The factory will process up to 150,000 tons of contaminated steel […]
10 May 2019

Start-ups Dronequest and Cursor Asset Management move to Eemshaven

Start-ups Dronequest and Cursor Asset Management have chosen to set up shop in Eemshaven. The start-ups will take their place in the Nijlicht office complex, where […]
17 September 2019

Long-term cooperation for a carbon neutral future

Groningen Seaports, Port of Amsterdam and Port of Den Helder launch Hydroports The ports of Amsterdam, Den Helder and Groningen are entering into a hydrogen partnership […]
7 October 2019

Looking for scale-ups to innovate the chemical and energy industry in Northern Netherlands

A major international challenge to find tangible solutions Economic Board Groningen (EBG) is organising an international pitch event, called the Sustainable Industry Challenge – Chemport Europe […]
22 November 2019

Worldwide interest to increase sustainability in the chemicals/energy sector of Noord-Groningen

More than 200 companies from as far away as America, Hong Kong and Israel, have entered their solutions for the Sustainable Industry Challenge, Chemport Europe edition, […]
4 December 2019

Groningen Seaports and The Planet Calls launch European partnership to combat ocean plastics

Groningen Seaports goes for long-term partnerships to bring an end to the growth in plastic soup in our oceans Dublin, Delfzijl, 4 december 2019 Groningen Seaports […]
19 December 2019

Economic Board Groningen welcomes 40 top companies to an exciting Sustainable Industry Challenge final

Following an intensive selection procedure, a couple of industrial companies, the challenge setters, together with the initiator Economic Board Groningen, selected 40 innovative companies (scale-ups) from […]
9 January 2020

CFK Recycling from Germany wins the Sustainable Industry Challenge 2020

CFK Recycling offers greatest impact on the region with its carbon-fibre recycling technology After an exciting final battle in the boxing ring, the jury proclaimed CFK […]
24 January 2020

Hydrogen plant Delfzijl is a step closer

Nouryon and Gasunie win EU backing for pioneering green hydrogen project A consortium comprising Nouryon, Gasunie and four other partners will receive an €11-million European grant […]
26 May 2020

Northern Netherlands industry ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement

The contribution of Dutch industry, including that in the Northern Netherlands, from Emmen to Eemshaven, is essential to meeting the Dutch carbon emission targets in 2030 […]
30 October 2020

The Netherlands – Hydrogen Land: Investment plan worth 9 billion euros should ensure a leading position in Europe

Groningen, The Netherlands 30 October 2020 – Today, businesses and government bodies in the Northern Netherlands will present their investment plan for hydrogen in their region […]