First ship at new quay of J. Wildeman Storage & Logistics

First ship at new quay of J. Wildeman Storage & Logistics

J. Wildeman Storage & Logistics, specialising in the storage of hazardous goods and associated logistics services, has expanded its location at Farmsumerpoort business park with its own loading and unloading quay. The finishing touches to the 135-meter long quay were completed last week and Wildeman received its first inland shipping vessel, the Deltatrans.

The new quay is suitable for ships of up to 110 metres and is located at Eemskanaal on the 20-hectare site of J. Wildeman Storage & Logistics, previously owned by cable manufacturer Draka. Only inland navigation vessels will moor there at first, but in the future small seagoing vessels will also be arriving. J. Wildeman Storage & Logistics will mainly receive container ships, which will be loaded and unloaded with a reach stacker. This reach stacker is specifically designed to handle containers equipped with an extended spreader.

Groningen Seaports warmly welcomes the new quay. CEO Cas König: “It is a great asset for our port in general and for business park Farmsumerpoort in particular. Extra loading and unloading capacity in the increasingly busy ports is a welcome and necessary addition. It’s also good to see that the current business community is doing well. We welcome investment and development among businesses that have been in our area for many years just as much as we welcome new ones.”

J. Wildeman Storage & Logistics has a spacious storage location on IJzerweg in Farmsumerpoort for the goods of various companies in the region. The grounds cover 20 hectares, 8 of which are sheltered. In view of its location at Eemskanaal and Farmsumerhaven in the immediate vicinity of Chemiepark Delfzijl, Wildeman expects to develop into an important transhipment point for containerised goods. Jos Wildeman focuses on the transfer of cargo flows from road to water and is responding to the trend in which companies expand, but concentrate more and more on production. Storage is more likely to be moved or outsourced. J. Wildeman Storage & Logistics also has storage locations in Hoogezand and at Chemie Park Delfzijl.

The reach stacker unloads a container from the first inland shipping vessel at the new quay of J. Wildeman Storage & Logistics