New economic activity in Delfzijl and Eemshaven

New economic activity in Delfzijl and Eemshaven

Both of Groningen’s seaports are doing well. Not only because of the new companies establishing at the seaports, but above all because existing companies are hugely expanding their activities. A brief overview is given below.         


Vastgoed Koetze
Vastgoed Koetze is converting the former industrial complex of ESA Trucks at the Farmsumerpoort business park in Delfzijl to form a multi-tenant business building where several companies can have their offices. The building is being given a new look in the same style as the multi-tenant buildings of Vastgoed Koetze at the industrial site De Delta, for example. Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to hire offices or industrial space there.

EEW Energy from Waste
EEW Energy from Waste in Delfzijl is expanding its location. The waste energy plant is building a third incineration line to expand its production capacity. The work is in full swing. Once this third line has been completed in 2018, EEW Delfzijl will be processing 576,000 tons of waste a year and the company will be able to supply even more renewable steam energy to AkzoNobel and Chemie Park Delfzijl.


1. Bek & Verburg / DHSS   
Groningen Seaports is welcoming two new companies to Eemshaven. The consortium Bek & Verburg/DHSS is jointly establishing premises on a piece of land measuring just over a hectare at Beatrixhaven. Bek & Verburg is an innovative ship’s waste collection company and DHSS operates mainly in the offshore wind industry as a provider of various support activities, such as ship agency services, helicopter services, storage and project management. The work has already begun and the new location is expected to be taken into use at the beginning of January 2018.

2. EMS Maritime Offshore
Merkur Offshore GmbH signs a contract with EMS Maritime Offshore B.V. for the construction and operation of a service base in Eemshaven, Netherlands. Ems Maritime Offshore B.V. was awarded with a contract with Merkur Offshore GmbH. The Dutch subsidiary of EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH signed a long-term contract for the construction of a warehouse with affiliated offices as well as the terminal logistics. The warehouse consists of an area of 600 m², while the modern offices have almost 500 m² which are spread over two floors. Eemshaven has developed itself as central service base for the installation of offshore wind projects.

3. Wijnne & Barends
Wijnne Barends Logistics has more than doubled its storage and transhipment capacity by expanding two sites (totalling 4.7 hectares) at Eemshaven. The sites are located directly off the existing Wijnne Barends Logistics terminal at Beatrixhaven, and the work on both sites is in full flow. The sites are being redeveloped for the storage and transhipment of containers, building materials (rail and road building and hydraulic engineering) and offshore wind components. The expansion gives Wijnne Barends Logistics more scope to provide an even better service for offshore wind-related customers in particular.

4. Holland Malt
Holland Malt is currently working on significantly extending its malt plant in Eemshaven.
Two new malt towers are under construction, and Holland Malt is doubling its production capacity to 280,000 tons. The malt company is thus strengthening its position in Europe and preparing itself for further internationalisation. The work is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2018.

5. TenneT
Progress is being made with the construction of the COBRA conversion station in Eemshaven. The contours are already clearly in sight, and the building is gradually taking shape. TenneT is building the conversion station to connect the undersea COBRA high voltage cable, which directly connects the Dutch and Danish electricity grids, to the existing grid. is building the same converter station in Endrup in Denmark. A fibre optic cable is being laid to Esbjerg with the COBRA cable. That strengthens Eemshaven as a data centre hub because it thus becomes part of the pivoting point of international connections that Esbjerg already forms. For this part of Europe, the fibre optic connection via Eemshaven is the fastest route to Scandinavia.

Eemshaven. The numbers show where the companies are established and where the expanding activities take place.