Wind project Eemshaven taken over by Pondera and Rebel

Wind project Eemshaven taken over by Pondera and Rebel

Today (June 4) Pondera and Rebel announced that they will take over the wind project at the breakwaters in the Eemshaven from YARD ENERGY. YARD developed this project in recent years, and as such, have reached agreement with Groningen Seaports on the use of the location. The main permits for the construction of two wind turbines have now been obtained.

“YARD has chosen to sell the project now to focus on completing the construction of onshore wind projects and investments in projects and companies related to the energy transition,” said Lex Roukens, YARD director. “We are delighted that Pondera and Rebel have taken over from us and are confident that the windfarm will be realised.”


“It’s a nice project for us to sink our teeth into, in view of the complexity of building turbines in and near the water,” says Hans Rijntalder of Pondera. “Our experience in realising the largest offshore wind turbine in the world in Rotterdam – the GE Haliade-X 12MW – is very useful here. We are pleased that we have found a solid partner in Rebel to help develop and finance the project. Rebel’s Wout Korving shares the enthusiasm: “Pondera and Rebel complement each other very well. I am therefore very confident that the turbines will supply electricity to the grid by mid-2022.”

Entrance to Eemshaven

Groningen Seaports also shares the enthusiasm. CEO Cas König says, “The realisation of these turbines is now one step closer. They will literally mark the entrance to Eemshaven and will contribute notably to our sustainable energy ambitions.”

The project consists of two modern wind turbines near the breakwaters. The capacity of the project is expected to be between 10 and 12 MW. Pondera and Rebel will fine tune the design in the coming months and select the contractor and turbine supplier, after which the financing will also be quickly realised.

The two turbines will literally mark the entrance to Eemshaven (photo: Groningen Seaports)