Demobilisation project at Beatrixhaven heavy load quay

Demobilisation project at Beatrixhaven heavy load quay

The heavy cargo vessel Korex SPB No. 2 moored in Beatrixhaven for demobilisation work on 29 March. This imposing vessel with a length of 152.50 and a breadth of 40 metres sailed from Hamina in Finland to Eemshaven.

The Korex is moored at the heavy cargo quay in Beatrixhaven where it will be demobilised. The structures (known as saddles or struts) that were welded to deck for her last job are being removed. All the welding profiles on deck are also being removed and levelled. After that, new saddles will be welded to the deck and secured for sea so that the ship is ready for her next project. Last week Jumbo Shipping transported these saddles by ship to Eemshaven, where they were unloaded and taken to the heavy load quay. From there they were hoisted aboard the Korex. This heavy load quay is ideally suitable for the heavy cranes needed for this demobilisation project.

The project comes under the agency of Wijnne & Barends, which also ensured that it could be carried out at Eemshaven. This demanding job is creating a good deal of spin-off for various suppliers and will provide jobs for a total of around 100 people. The work is expected to be completed on 8 or 9 April.

Beatrixhaven heavy load quay

The heavy load quay is located on the west side of Beatrixhaven. It is a special quay with a length of 220 metres for extra heavy cargoes. This heavy load quay, with an evenly distributed load of 30 tonnes/m2, is specifically designed for the storage and transhipment of extra heavy cargoes, such as wind turbine components. It is also possible for installation vessels to moor just in front of this quay so that they can use their own crane. The heavy load quay is a public quay operated by Groningen Seaports.

Korex SPB No. 1 moored at the heavy load quay in Beatrixhaven