Subsidy for substantial expansion of Contitank

Subsidy for substantial expansion of Contitank

New opportunities for the Groningen chemical cluster

During the next few years, Contitank, a storage company for green raw materials, will be investing 17 million euros in new logistics facilities at the Delfzijl chemical park. The storage capacity is being be doubled to more than 50,000 m3. The increase in scale will create five new jobs. The expansion is being subsidised with more than 4 million euros from the Regional Investment Fund Groningen.

The first new storage tanks were recently installed. In addition, Contitank is investing in a rail connection and in improving sustainability. Together with Groningen Seaports, a new pipeline is being built between the customers and Contitank. This will give the chemical park a second access point to the seaport. The reduced truck movements will reduce C02 emissions. The company’s energy supply is also being made more sustainable by using industrial residual heat.


In the years to come Contitank plans to become the leading green logistics service provider for the bioeconomy in Groningen. Director Joris Hoogenbosch: “More and more high-quality natural raw materials are coming onto the market. Our investments in storage capacity and logistics facilities enable companies in the chemical cluster to grow and develop new industrial production processes.”


Patrick Brouns, member of the Provincial Executive for Economic Affairs of the province of Groningen: “The Eems Delta already produces many green raw materials for chemistry. Contitank’s investment is a stimulus for the further growth and greening of the chemical cluster.” Margo Smit, director of the Economic Board Groningen, adds: “The expansion of Contitank shows that the RIG is providing important support for companies with growth plans in the Eems Delta region.”

About the RIG

The objective of the RIG is to boost the business climate and employment for industrial companies in the Eems Delta region and on the Groningen Campus. In 2014 a total of €40 million was made available by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Economic Board Groningen (EBG) and the Province of Groningen from the Spatial Economic Programme (Ruimtelijk Economisch Programma) for the implementation of the RIG. The RIG is part of the EBG’s programme and the Provincial Groningen@Work 2016-2019 programme, the aim of which is to strengthen the regional economy and help as many Groningers as possible to find jobs. The Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN) runs the RIG on behalf of the provincial authority. For more information about the RIG, please visit

The location of Contitank in Delfzijl, where the first new storage tanks were installed